Mark Larsen

Tel: 954 881 1554

Mark has had a career, which has always centered around coaching, teaching, and helping others. It started after his graduation from Texas State University with a degree in education and kinesiology (physiology, biomechanical, & psychological mechanisms of movement). Although he did not utilize his degree directly in this field, he has continued to use his formal education in a variety of ways.

For the past several years, Mark has been a highly sought-after golf pro (instructor), in addition to coaching amateur baseball. He feels that teaching and coaching is very therapeutic as it provides him with clarity and a fresh perspective on people and the world. However, where he really excels is in his real estate profession.

Mark is a multimillion dollar real estate producer with a zest for helping others. He feels that his success in the field is a combination of his sports coaching, college education, six-years spent as a quality engineer at Dell, and his pursuit in completing the coursework to become a Master Certified Negotiating Expert (MCNE). The culmination of these tools, attention to detail, and his nurturing personality have been a testament to his success. Mark is comfortable with any size transaction and degree of complexity.

Over the years, his MCNE expertise has enabled him to “keep the wheels” on many deals that would have otherwise fallen apart. He is a rare gem in the field of real estate.